Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing an in E-Commerce Website

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Selling your products and services online will open up new markets for your business. Since you will want your business to perform well, it is important that your website has a strong online presence. Creating a successful e-commerce website is an important tactic in expanding sales. When designing your e-commerce website, make sure that the site is effective and compelling enough to drive sales. You must also be careful to avoid common e-commerce design mistakes that some online retailers make.

These are some common mistakes to avoid when designing an e-commerce website:

Not adding detailed product information: When you shop in a brick and mortar store, you have the advantage of picking up an item, looking at it and reading the pertinent information on the product packaging. Shopping online does not provide this opportunity. Your e-commerce website must provide all the information about the product you are selling. This includes size, material, color, weight, dimensions and other important information specific to the product.

Not showing contact information: Consumers always want to know that they are dealing with a legitimate company when sharing their credit card and bank information. If you do not provide or hide contact information, your customer will not trust your site. Always put your contact information on every page of your website. The best places are in your header, footer or at the top of your sidebar.

Not including a search box: Customers always want to use search engines instead of sifting through categories and filters when they are looking for a particular product. Your e-commerce software must have a very effective built-in search engine. It should allow users to search by keyword and then refine the results based on the categories your site includes.

Not providing adequate customer service options: You must make sure that your customers are able to contact you easily should they have a problem or question. If your company does not have a phone number, you can use a ticketing system for customer service inquiries. You can post FAQs that cover common questions your customers may have.

Not providing large enough images: Your consumers cannot physically see the products you are selling before placing an order. The images of your products should be a large size, or there should be a mechanism that allows users to click on the images to zoom in. Your customers should be able to view the images in as large a size as is practical on a typical computer monitor.

A poor shopping cart design: A shopping cart is an incredibly important part of an e-commerce website. Users must be able to add multiple products, as well as revise the quantities or change options about those products. Your cart should allow your customers to add or delete an item and then return to the page they were on. They should be able to preview the shipping charges before they start the checkout process.

Not designing a simple checkout process: Designing a long and confusing website is a common mistake. Your website must make it as easy as possible for your customers to transmit their bank information and complete their order. Always design the checkout page carefully. Keep it short and simple.

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