Large vs. Small E-Commerce Sites

Deciding whether to approach your business ventures through large or small avenues of e-commerce can be a daunting task, as each one has its positive and negative features.

For example, by deciding to display all of your products on one large e-commerce website, business owners can efficiently provide the public with one very direct route to all of the products they have to offer. However, this option takes a great deal of time and resources. Other advantages of having one large e-commerce website include cost effectiveness, and the ability to make enormous strides in cross selling and up selling, by enticing customers to buy more products from your online store than they had planned.

On the other hand, a series of small e-commerce stores also has its perks. Given the fact that these smaller niche stores are more focused and more specified, a catchy site design to match the product theme, as well as a great deal of social media marketing, can make small e-commerce sites a very successful choice. With these two factors working hand in hand, consumers will be attracted to these smaller stores, and pleased by the fact that the business is specialized. This creates a great deal of business for the smaller e-commerce sites.

Here at Briodigital, our team prides itself on efficiency and satisfaction for its customers. So no matter which avenue of e-commerce business you choose, we will be sure to maximize your business.