Zen cart

Zen Cart is OSS (open source software). Zen Cart is loaded with features your visitors will love and so will you. If you have an online business, this is the e-commerce software you want to manage, protect and back it up. Zen Cart is for selling online is an easy-to-setup and run online store. Zen Cart runs from your own web server, which means you are fully in control of all its features and capabilities.

 We are here to hook up your business and we help our clients build successful online stores by offering our full service of business expertise from the ground up.


  • Easy installation
  • Security
  • Key word product search.
  • Extensive product management tool
  • Support of multiple currencies
  • Support of multiple languages
  • Multiple customer modes
  • Unlimited category depth
  • Multiple sales and discounts
  • Unlimited extra pages
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multiple shipping options

Zen cart has a wide range of modules from which to choose, you can add even more functionality to your store, many of which will help you to increase your productivity.