The Different Types of SEO Content


If you want to land on the top page of the Google search engine result page, you should post content on various sites that can assist you in driving in more traffic. To achieve these results, you should know what kind of SEO content is being written and posted for your visitors. Different types of SEO content have different purposes, including:

  • Blog Posts: Writing blogs is one of the easiest ways to create SEO content for a website. Blogs engage more visitors and attract more links than produce pages. This helps to build authority for your site because blogs posts are flexible and can be used according to your objectives.
  • Product Pages: Product pages are especially important for retail e-commerce websites. A good product page can serve the same purpose as good SEO content as well as a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) landing page on the site.
  • List Content: Creating a list makes it easier for readers to scan the entire web content on your website. For example, content with a title such as: “The Top 3 Ways to Create a Logo” can get more clicks if it is found on a search engine result page or on social media news feeds.
  • Submitting an Article: An article is defined as information, including interviews, news or any feature piece. This type of content is mainly found in newspaper columns and magazine-style websites.
  • Guides: A guide is content that explains how to do something in great detail. The guide can contain several internal links that takes the user to different websites, allowing the user to stay longer on your website.
  • Videos: Posting videos on your site is effective as visuals have more impact than text.
  • Infographics: Infographics are large format images that consist of several stats or data. It is a graphical representation of a single subject. Because search engines do not read the content in the infographic as text, it is important to optimize the rest of the page properly.
  • Directories: A directory will list links to reference sites and other resources on a specific topic. For example, a car blog might create a directory of car repair shops.
  • Slideshows: Visual displays are more effective than written articles. Accordingly, slideshows with a series of related images will attract more traffic.
  • Glossaries: Including a glossary of terms that are frequently used in context with your product or services will help you capture more traffic to your site.

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