The Three Elements of a Successful SEO Campaign

A successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign must have a solid foundation to endure the challenges from competitors and to keep up with constantly changing search engine algorithms. The three key components of a successful SEO campaign are:

  • Good Quality Page Content: Websites with good quality content are one step closer to getting the best search engine rankings. Search engines continually try to improve the quality of search results. The way to ensure relevancy when algorithms are updated is to provide content that search engines consider high quality. The content is never copied from other websites and is unique and valuable to website visitors. Practical guides, fact sheets, frequently asked questions and blogs make excellent content. Great content also gives other websites a good reason to link to your website.
  • A Focus on Well Targeted Keywords: Keyword research requiring an in-depth analysis relevant to the services or products of the website will lay the groundwork for a successful SEO campaign. Beginning with the most general keywords and then finding long tail keywords relating to each of them is a good way to start. This will expose highly targeted keywords that convert well and are easy to rank for. Long tail keywords are generally less competitive and convert much better. It’s also important to search for lateral keywords, which have the same meaning as other targeted keywords.
  • In SEO, optimization of the HTML elements on a website page is a critical. Targeted search terms should be included in various places in the HTML code to tell the search engine crawlers what the page is about. The page title, or title tag, should include the targeted search terms and be a well written sentence 64 to 70 characters long. A good page title will entice a person to click on it in the search results. The page heading, and subheadings, must be formatted properly using the correct tags and should include targeted search terms. Some tags are for the main page heading and other tags should be used for content subheadings and headings to site navigation. Optimize images by including targeted keywords where the keywords relate well to the image. Alternate text should inform a website visitor what the image is, be brief and not be keyword stuffed. Site content should include links to other pages of the website that have keywords in the anchor text.

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