4 Important SEO Principles to Help Boost Your Website Traffic

SEO is the means to improve a website's ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The more time and money a company spends on SEO, they have more chances of being the first in the search result listed by Google. Getting a higher rank in the search engine is the ultimate goal of any website. These four important SEO principles can play a major role in pushing your website up the search engine, allowing you to rank higher and therefore boost your website traffic.


When you create content, keep in mind the words that people uses to search. It is important to build every page around keywords that are most important to you and your company. When you produce pages for your website, make sure to use the keywords on every post.

Google can help you with keywords. When you start typing into the search bar on Google, it gives you suggestions of popular words or phrases that people use in a search. You can also use a tool called Google Keyword Planner that will tell you popular keywords. It will give you information on exact numbers of how many average searches are occurring with those keywords monthly.

Meta description

Meta description is a sentence that is right below your URL on the search page. Meta description is an important summary that tells people about that page. It should be engaging and truthful and prompt people to click and read more. It is recommended to use call-to-action words like "learn" and "visit" to engage people and encourage them to find out why the information on your page is important to them.

Image tags

Images are present all over websites. When you have images in your website, Google indexing sites need to understand what the images  are and when it should be served up. It is therefore important that you tag your images. If there are no tags, Google does not know how to identify the images.

Yoast is a plugin in WordPress that reminds to label your images. When the images are tagged, Google will know what the images are, how to index it, where to store it and when to bring it up in a search.


Backlinks are highly valued in SEO. They are incoming hyperlinks from one webpage to another meaning, people link to your website because they found value in what you're saying. Additionally, to give readers more useful information and to help build relationships with other bloggers, it is important to include hyperlinks.

Ensure that the links add value to your reader. Never have too many backlinks for an article.

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