Forensic SEO

What is Forensic SEO?

Forensic SEO is in-depth website analysis. It is done after a website experiences a sudden and unexplained drop in traffic or rank. It is important to analyze all the possible options to know what caused the downfall and discover how to recover.

Important Steps for Forensic SEO

    • Examine the website’s back link history and identify toxic links.
    • Remove or edit poor quality or irrelevant content, and make necessary website updates.
    • Check for crawl errors and broken links in Google Web Master Tools.
    • Remove links that have unnatural anchor text and come from websites with a poor reputation and no authority.

Forensic SEO is a specialized analysis of a website which needs thorough investigation. Webmasters who are unaware of SEO, or know a little about SEO, cannot effectively perform forensic SEO. Hire a search engine optimization specialist to perform the activity.

NY SEO specialists at BrioDigital can help with forensic SEO. Call 888-310-8074 immediately for help. We can analyze your website to identify the problem and submit a report of your website’s shortcomings. We will implement the necessary strategies and changes to improve your website.

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