If You Want to Expand Your Business Do Not Follow the Crowd

If You Want to Expand Your Business Do Not Follow the Crowd

A recent poll from Manta reveals that most small businesses owners (SBOs) are heading in the wrong direction when it comes to marketing their websites. The top driver for all websites is organic search. At least 45% of SBO’s are relying on Social Media. 31 percent are relying on public relations. 21 percent are relying on mobile marketing. The hype for social media is increasing and it is great for brand awareness and loyalty. We have found that a well thought out search campaign is what makes conversions happen at the lowest cost per lead acquisition. BrioDigital offers full tracking mechanisms to monitor results and a transparent reporting system to make sure your campaign stays on track.

Deliver the Highest ROI on a Limited Budget

  • Use social media to inform potential clients. Is your product or service an impulse product? If so use the live feature on Facebook to share your customers’ experience with your product. Example: I just purchased a luxury product from Luxury Inc and I am glad I did.
  • Have the client mention your brand and URL in the Live session.
  • Shore up your digital footprint. Make sure you are set up in all the maps. Don’t forget Apple maps as well as Bing. The maps are important for letting customers know where you are. They are important in setting up a search campaign.
  • Consider an SEO campaign centered around long tail keyword terms. Long tail keywords deliver more conversions.
  • Tie in your SEO Campaign with Social Media for greater results.
  • Hire a result driven company which is experienced in working with the Search Engines.

Contact BrioDigital for Social Media Marketing

At BrioDigital, we specialize in Social Media Marketing. You can get our services any time of the day and any day of the week. Our team will tie in your SEO campaign with Social Media for more results. Call us at 888-310-8074 or email at info@briodigital.com

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