Image Optimization for Better Search Engine Rankings

Images on a website are as attractive to viewers as the content used for SEO. If you need more traffic to your website and you want to make your search engine rankings better, optimize your images efficiently.

Image Optimization for Better Search Engine Rankings

Select relevant images: An image is the first thing the user observes on your page while searching for a relevant topic. So, it is important to select only those images relevant to your content.

Image size: A large image takes a long time to load. This will affect your website’s search engine ranking. To avoid this, always use an image editing program to get the desired size of the image.

Filename of the image: Search engines not only search keywords on web pages but they also search for the keywords in the file name of the image. So, instead of writing an irrelevant filename, select a better name which is related to your content.

Title and Alt tags: Alt texts are used to describe the images, as the search engines cannot read the images. While writing alt text, consider the following:

  • Try to include a keyword in the alt text.
  • The image needs a proper description.
  • Make the alt text as short as possible.

Image captions: Search engines also consider bounce rate as a factor for ranking your website. Image captions can help you to reduce the bounce rate.

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