Importance of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Brands and businesses are looking for more effective ways to utilize their marketing dollars. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has been found to be essential for businesses. SEM is a form of online marketing that helps to promote websites by increasing their visibility through directory listings. The following are a few reasons why SEM services are so important for modern businesses:

Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing refers to traditional sales channels such as infomercials or mail order where the ad motivates the audience to perform an action. A majority of people use search engines when they are looking for a product or service. With the advent of technology, we can perform a search on computers, mobile phones and tablets. People can be targeted through SEM since businesses can now target people directly based on what they search. Businesses generate awareness by putting their name and brand in front of a relevant audience, thereby generating traffic to their website.

Search Intent

SEM provides an opportunity to target people based on their search intent. What people search for can present an accurate indication of how close they are to completing a goal. It is important to understand the search intent of people so that ad copy messaging, calls and landing pages can be created accordingly.

Online Visibility

SEM ensures that your website is visible on search engines using a very specific set of keywords that are meaningful to your business. It ensures that your advertisements stand out for the right searches.

Precise Targeting

Some of the searches on Google do not apply to your business, Therefore, it is important to be precise with targeting settings. Some precise targeting techniques include:

    Keyword targeting - Targets users who are potentially interested in your business.

    Ad Words - Ad Words offer many targeting settings that will help to maximize your SEM performance.

    Geo-targeting - Delivers content to a website user based on his or her geographic location.

    Device targeting - A specific type of device, desktop or laptop computer, smart phone or tablet is targeted and will allow advertisers to personalize their messages and ads appropriately.

    Ad scheduling - People are targeted during certain hours of the day or days of the week.

Trackable and Measurable

SEM allows one to track data about every user, including how they behave online and the best way to target them. Keeping track of users turns data into meaningful optimizations and enables you to better understand your advertising ROI. Clicks, simple form completions, ecommerce and calls generated to your support helpline can also be tracked.

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