Is Voice Search part of your Search Engine Optimization Campaign?

Voice search engine optimization

More and More consumers are using the voice component of there devices. According to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report in 2016, voice searches increased more than 35-fold between 2008 and 2016. According to Location World, more than 40 percent of adults  used voice-based search on a daily basis in 2016. And predictions by ComScore estimate that more than 50 percent of searches  will be voice-based by 2020.

This is happening as a result of the improvements being made to to voice-recognition systems- Microsoft’s voice recognition software has an increased performance score with an error rate of 5.1 percent. More people are using voice search and it is becoming more normal to use it. Sales of smart speakers has increased 300% thanks to Google Home and Amazon Echo.

The process for optimizing for voice search involves going after long tail keywords and targeting topics rather than specific terms.

Go after conversational keywords. Pay attention to the questions your customers ask you at your business. Start remembering the types of questions you get when customers call you on the phone to ask you questions about your business. Document and record the questions from you customer service departments. Then start creating content pages that focus on these conversations.

A great natural way to implement these on your site is to add a

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages

Group commonly asked questions together. This is a laborious task that an experience Search Engine Optimization company can handle for you quickly. If you start this process you can expect to start showing up in voice search results. It can also increase your chances of appearing in Google’s featured snippet. For more information on this please contact me at BrioDigital. Call us at 888-310-8074 or email at

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