Keyword Research Ideas for Better SEO Rankings

If you want to sell a product or service, then you need a high SEO ranking so people can find you. The first step towards achieving better SEO rankings is qualitative keyword research.

Steps Involved in Keyword Research

1. Ideas: Come up with keyword ideas by analyzing competitor’s blogs or websites. Use keyword research tools like SEMRush and Yahoo Search Assist to come up with niche keyword ideas.

2. Words: Select keywords for your product or service and scrutinize them. Check long phrases which are less viewed and convert into keywords.

3. Analysis: Use Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) and keyword difficulty score to see how hard it’ll be to rank for a keyword. Check estimated cost per click of the keywords.

4. Competition: Check with competitors to see if your keywords can outrank them.

Factors to check:

  • Backlinks – Check if the competitors have more links which will make it difficult to outrank them.
  • On-page SEO – Check the quality of on-page optimization of the competing pages by scanning their titles, descriptions, content, and internal link anchors.
  • Content –The more unique and useful the content, the better.
  • Domain authority - Check the duration of the competing domains, their Alexa rank, and their popularity in social media.

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