Web Development Process

There are many steps involved when developing a website. BrioDigital, a web development company based in New York, can help you build a business website. Mentioned below are steps for building a website:

  1. Information gathering: In this phase, information required for the website is gathered, such as the look and feel, content and the functionality. One has to understand the need, vision, goal, and purpose of the website. Conversation between the client and the designer is required.

  2. Planning: The blueprint for the site is implemented in this phase using the gathered information. During this phase, the web designer decides what to include on the website and how it should look.

  3. Design: The designer creates a prototype of the website for the client’s review and feedback. Placement of the logo, text and color scheme selection is done in this phase.

  4. Development: The prototype in the design phase is implemented in this phase. The website is created by taking the individual graphic component’s present in the prototype. This step also involves coding.

    The coding phase can be divided into front-end and back-end. Front-end coding typically involves developing the home page which contains the main navigational structure of the website. Back-end coding usually involves connecting the front-end with the database.

  5. Testing and delivery: The developer will check the final details of the website. Testing for functionality of the site is done. Any issues regarding compatibility on devices, responsiveness of the site are checked. Also, the website is fine-tuned and optimized so that it can be viewed properly in the most recent browsers. As a part of testing, a good web developer will try to validate that coding done for the site is up to current web development standards.

  6. Maintenance:  The website needs to be maintained. Many designers provide maintenance, which helps protect the website from malicious scripts and virus attacks. They also provide backups of the website, and update software as needed.

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BrioDigital is a full service web development company that specializes in the art of behavioral marketing. While we do build beautiful websites, we also recognize that a beautiful website is not enough. We help clients develop, implement and manage leading edge internet initiatives.Contact BrioDigital today at 888-310-8074 or email info@briodigital.com. We serve clients in Westchester, White Plains and Manhattan.

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