Search Engine Optimization Techniques

With the increasing demand to get a site visible on the first page of a search result, search engine optimization (SEO) has become more complex. Getting a web page ranked at the top of a search result requires a well-defined search algorithm built in the web pages. Implementing SEO is not a one-time event, as search engine algorithm changes regularly. Getting good SEO for a website requires implementing new search algorithm tactics and a long term commitment and goal.

Mentioned below are basic SEO techniques:

Optimizing Title Tags: Place unique title tags on every page of the website. Make sure title tag characters are not more than 70 characters, and include keywords related to the company's brand name, product or service.

Customizing Meta Description: Customize the Meta description so that it can capture the search users' attention. This should be done on every page of the website. Having page summaries not more than 150 characters, and including the keyword phrase for the target page will do the trick.

Heading Tag: Include <h2> and heading tags containing the target keyword or phrases as part of the content. This can improve SEO while pulling out search results from the body of the page.

Include Alt Tags to Image: While choosing to add images for a webpage, don't forget to add ALT tags.  Placing an appropriate length of keywords in the tag can be beneficial for good SEO.

Sitemaps: One of the best practices for good SEO is to create sitemaps that help search engine indexing programs index the website.

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