SEO Tips to Optimise a Business for SEO Search

Optimizing a business for local search is a great way to reach out to customers and get traffic to your website. People use different search engines to search for local businesses to meet their needs. Optimizing a business for local search requires the same SEO work required for any page. The following are some SEO tips from experts at BrioDigital on how to optimize a business for local search:

Get your website rated:Good reviews and yellow stars can play an important role in optimizing your business. Ask customers for feedback via social media and your mailing lists.

Optimize your website for geo-targeted keywords:To divert traffic to your website, include the city name in your title, h2 and meta tags, as well as in the content of your website.

Make use of social media:Social media is an important tool to foster community and build relationships. It can be an obvious choice for any business wanting to have an online presence.

Include “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages:Include “about us” and “contact us” pages. Remember to put business hours, directions and all necessary contact information.

Create different landing pages for different locations:If you have more than one location, create a landing page for each location and optimize each page for appropriate location keywords.

Get links from other related local businesses:Get links from similar businesses in the area. Although you may not get help from direct competitors, you might be able to exchange links and information with some related businesses.

Get listed in directories:Business directories can give you solid links that can improve your ranking and make it easy for searchers to find your local business. Get your business listed in one of the directories.

Create a mobile version of your website:Mobile devices are increasingly used by people to search for a local solution to their problem. Having a mobile version of your site will enable searchers to find you in their hour of need.

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