Should I choose a firm that is a specialist in my industry?

In the course of prospecting for new clients we are asked the question,” Do you work with other businesses like mine?” What they are actually asking is, “Do you have experience in my industry”. Then I stop and think again about the dangers of working with a firm that only works with one vertical. The problem is that most firms that work with one vertical approach their clients with cookie cutter solutions. They get it down to the point where the implementation is the same for everyone. They select the same search terms; the design is similar for each website. This does not take into consideration that each market has its own nuance and needs to be addressed accordingly. For instance, my company had project a with a law firm in upstate NY. We used keyword terms which were region specific. We did our due diligence, as we always do, and were successful. We did not follow the same pattern that could work for one of our downstate law firms. We approached the project with a fresh outlook and we were successful. In another situation with a medical manufacturer who lost one of his biggest clients due to the economic downturn, we were able to secure a new market. What does this mean?

When selecting an SEO firm for your online marketing in a competitive environment, it is detrimental to your online program to work with firms that work in a vertical niche. For instance, look at the current marketing firms that deal primarily with lawyers. They are having serious problems keeping clients in the current online environment. This is happening because they approach each client with a similar approach. In not looking at each SEO client with a fresh approach, they miss market segments that lead to profit.

Another problem is that the internet is transparent. It will reveal the appetites of potential clients if you have the right tools and care enough to carefully analyze data. This analysis will spur potential new markets and the expansion of your online marketing program.

Another problem in working with an SEO firm that specializes in a vertical market is that anything new for your market it will be used for your competition as well.

At BrioDigital we work with a variety of different businesses. We specialize in uncovering new markets which results in new customers for your business.

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