Which SEO Risks Are Worth Taking?

Many SEO companies are unsure about trying new approaches, but many businesses have succeeded when they tried something new and unfamiliar to increase their visibility. It is important to know which risks are worth taking and which should be avoided.

Accordingly, it is imperative to know which SEO risks are worth taking, and which ones are not.

SEO Risks Worth Taking

  1. Making and testing large and small changes (A/B testing): In this type of test, you take one element at a time such as the meta descriptions, titles or content, and test them against new variations. It may take time to produce the correct wording and layout combination that will result in maximum website traffic. However, it is worth taking this risk because once you find the best results, you can focus on that element and continue to drive more traffic and get better results.
  2. Hiring a writer with no SEO experience: It is much better to hire a good writer, even if he or she has no SEO experience because they will write better content.
  3. Changing the website design: People are often afraid to change their website design for fear of getting a disappointing SEO outcome. However, website design is something you can change to make your website easier to navigate so people will stay on your site longer.

SEO Risks to Avoid

  1. Doorway pages: It is better to avoid doorway pages because Google penalizes sites that use them.
  2. Deleting content or entire pages: When you discontinue a certain service or product, it may seem like an easy task to delete a page from your website. However, once a page is deleted, it also takes the ranking away that was generated by its keywords. It is better to keep the page and leave a message on it redirecting the visitor to a page with a similar product or service.
  3. Using exact match keywords in anchor text: Google penalizes websites that use exact matching keywords in anchor text. Instead, choose more organic ways to link your site and develop a more varied backlink portfolio.
  4. Making too many “small” SEO changes to a site: Making too many small changes to your website will raise red flags for Google, which may see your webpage as suspicious and possibly penalize your site.

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