Why Website Rankings Drop and How to Fix It

What is ranking in SEO?

One of the best ways to improve your business is by ranking your website on Google. Top-ranking websites are popular. More traffic indicates more people view those websites.

Reasons why a website might lose ranking:

1. Broken links: Broken links can cause search engines to rate your website poorly. To reduce broken links, use web master tools that display broken links. Then correct those broken links.

2. Redundant content: By copying the content from other websites, the rank of your website will deteriorate. Avoid copying content from other websites.

3. Speed: Speed is an important factor for determining the rank of a website. There are several ways to increase the speed of a website:

  • HTTP Request contains various elements like images, videos and scripts. As components increase, the times to load these components also increase. Simplify your design to speed up the website.
  • Reduce server response time.
  •  Zip large files that take long to download.
  • Enable browser caching.

4. Poor internal linking: Internal linking is how you link your web pages together. They allow users to navigate through a website.

When linking internally, use relevant and useful anchor text. No page should be more than 3 clicks away from the home page.

5. Old web pages: The web pages which are not updated affect the rank of a website. By updating content and images, you can increase the ranking of your site.

6. Loss of page rank: Deletion of links that provide a significant number of backlinks harm the rank of a website.

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