Facebook Ads

According to Facebook, they currently have about 2 billion active users of as of March 2017. As a business this a statistic that can’t be ignored. Facebook represents a huge potential market for any business looking to reach more customers. 

At Briodigital we can assist you in creating a Facebook business page and help you strategically run Facebook Ads to increase your visibility on people’s news feeds. To run a Facebook Ad we will start by assessing your business goal, the reason you want to run the ad, and understand who you want to reach. A very important step in running a successful Facebook Ad is choosing your audience. Facebook allows you to target ads based on location, age, gender, language, interests and behaviors. 

Advertising on Facebook allows businesses to promote custom ads or target content to a specific audience. The costs of running a Facebook ad depends on the reach and engagement the ad receives. After selecting the audience you wish to target, you must set a budget to run your ads so that your objective can be met. 

When a budget is set you either choose to bid for clicks or impressions. We at Briodigital will help you optimize your business page to increase likes, and run ads on a schedule so that you are able to reach your target audience. 

Facebook Ads will help your business get more leads than any other paid channel. So let Briodigital assist you in executing the right strategy with agility and precision.