Personal Injury – New York

Situation: Law Firm in Connecticut. A Personal Injury attorney was in competition with other family members. A close relative was removed from public office. The challenge was to rebrand his firm to compete with his family. Other Law Firms were hyper marketing and he needed to rise above the competition.

Strategy: BrioDigital conducted marketing panels to uncover the landscape of law professionals. Our uncovering of the strength of the family name and the negativity involved helped us to position our client in the marketplace.
Solution: We created a cable television commercial and targeted blue-collar workers and potential clients who were in construction and hi intensity labor positions. We geo fenced competitive lawyers in the marketplace and intersections where accidents happened. We also geo fenced walk in clinics and hospitals. We started seeing results coming in from the various channels.
The lawyer received a 7-digit injury case in the interim and he noticed his case volume was increasing and the cases tended to be larger cases. 300% increase in response level.